Welcome to our website: www.iwenhappinesslessons.com (referred to as Portal) operated by the World is Better With You Foundation (referred to as Provider). If you continue to browse and use this website you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions of use. If you disagree with any part of these terms and conditions please do not use our website.

1. Registration

(1) You acknowledge that the use of certain features of the Portal is tied to prior registration to the Happiness Lessons Programme.

(2) To register, the User must fill out the registration form precisely and with true data (the data is voluntarily shared). If the User provides insufficient data, or provides data in an invalid form, or chooses a user name or e-mail address that already exists, the registration process will start over, until the form is filled out adequately and does not clash with other accounts. To register successfully, the User must accept these Terms and Conditions.

(3) The User acknowledges that breaching the Terms and Conditions can result in suspension.

2. Newsletter

(1) During and after registration, the User can sign up for a Newsletter.

(2) To sign up for the Newsletter, the User must tick the ’Sign up for Newsletter’ box. Signing up for the Newsletter and the data service is optional and voluntary in every case.

(3) According to the XLVIII. Bill passed in 2008 regarding commercial advertisement conditions and limits, the Users provide their full name as well as their e-mail address in order to sign up for the Newsletter.

(4) The Provider keeps record of the data mentioned above. The Provider does not verify the accuracy of the data. The recorded data can only be given out to a third party if the User in question gives consent. The Provider can only use the data to send a Newsletter regarding the available services on the Portal.

(5) By providing their data Users give consent to the Provider to use their data according to the Declaration of Consent until its withdrawal and as it is determined by the law (CXII/2011) on freedom of information and self-declaration.

(6) The User can unsubscribe from the Newsletter without any limitations or given reason, for no charge. In this case, the Provider immediately deletes their data from the records.

The User can unsubscribe by:

  • Clicking the link provided in the Newsletter
  • Sending an e-mail to the Provider
  • Sending a letter to the Provider by post to the address given

3. Happiness Lessons Programme

(1) Registered Users are able to upload content described below to the menu ’Students’ Works’ on the Portal made available by the Provider.

  • ’Students’ Works’ : sharing of posts, title and description, picture, video

(2) The User must log in to gain access to these features.

(3) The User accepts that their uploaded content will be deleted by the Provider, if it breaks the outlined rules in paragraph (4). Moreover, depending on the gravity of the situation, the Provider has the right to delete the User’s registration.

(4) The User:

  • Must refrain from any vulgar or otherwise offensive expressions or statements that may offend other Users.
  • Must refrain from any expression or statement that may be perceived as offensive to any national, ethnical, racial or religious group, or any expression that can discriminate or incite hate against any person or group that a certain person belongs to.
  • Must not advertise any for profit companies or products, including for profit websites.

(5) In the event of any legal proceedings due to an infringement, the Provider will give out any data provided by the User during the registration process to the authorities as it is required by law. If the User in question is infringing another person’s rights or interests – particularly if they are a victim of personal rights infringement, crime or violation of intellectual property -, the victim can request the Provider to remove the content, and start the necessary processes.

(6) Users can rate the content on the Portal by pressing the ‘Like’ button on shared ’Posts’ and ’Messages’. Every user can only rate every ’Post’ and ’Message’ once. In the event that the Provider finds a User’s voting malicious, they reserve the right to delete the User’s registration.

4. Limitation of Liability

(1) The Provider does not guarantee that the website’s functions are bug-free, nor that these bugs will be immediately fixed. The Provider also does not guarantee that the Portal (or the server hosting the Portal) is virus-free. Users use it at their own risk.

(2) The Provider is not liable for the following:

  • Damage caused by use of the Portal
  • Damage caused by the Portal being unavailable or the Portal malfunctioning.
  • Damage caused by faulty lines or systems
  • Damage caused by delay of information transfer
  • Damage caused by a virus or other malicious code, or data modified by a third party without permission

(3) The Provider is not liable for displaying correct data on partner websites

(4) The Provider is not liable for the Users’ behaviour.

(5) Acknowledging the Internet is an open, non-secure network, the Provider is absolved of all responsibilities regarding compensations for the destruction or delay of electronic messages and all other such malfunctions.

(6) The Provider is not liable for the omission of data during registration, or any issues that may arise because of this.

5. Copyright

(1) The Portal – especially its functionality, appearance, design, IT solutions and implementations; its appearance on its own or any other portal; its linking with other elements (e.g. third party advertisements); its use without limitations – is reserved exclusively to the Provider.

(2) The Portal is under Copyright protection. As such, elements of the Portal’s content (pictures, texts, downloadable documents, information, etc.) cannot be sold, distributed or copied. The Provider must provide its written consent before the content is used for more than personal use.

6. Data handling, data protection

(1) The Provider handles the Users’ data in complete confidentiality, in accordance with current legislation. The Provider also ensures the data’s safety and takes the necessary technical and security precautions and also forms the necessary rules to comply with legislation.

(2) The Provider handles any personal data received during use of the Portal in accordance with the 2011 CXII. law, and other data protection legislation.

Data is handled in accordance with the following laws:

  • The 2:43§ of the 5th law of 2013 regarding the Civil Code
  • The 2011 CXII. law regarding informational autonomy and freedom of information. (Data Protection Act)
  • The 2008 XLVIII law regarding the conditions and certain limits of commercial advertising
  • The 1998 VI. law declaring the Convention dated on 28 January in Strasbourg on the protection of the individual during electronic handling of personal data
  • The 1995. CXIX law on handling name and address data for research and direct business

(3) A Szolgáltató által kezelt adatok köre és az adatkezelés célja:

Registration form:

Szolgáltató az azonosítás érdekében a Felhasználók által a regisztrációra  történő jelentkezés során megadott alábbi személyes adatokat kezeli:

The Provider, in order to identify individual Users collects the following data during the registration process :

If the User is registering for ’Happiness Lessons’:

– First name and surname
– E-mail address
– Phone number
– Name of the institution in which the User is currently teaching
– Education
– Language skills

Purpose of the data : identifying individual users, keeping in touch with them and providing access to various games and competitions (and sending the prizes for these), sending the necessary teaching material for Happiness Lessons, organizing training sessions.


The data collected for the newsletter and its purpose can be found under the second heading.

(4) Usage of cookies

The Provider stores a cookie on the Users’ computer, which in itself cannot identify the Users, it is only used for identifying the Users’ computer. The User does not have to provide their name, e-mail address or any other personal data, because using this solution only necessitates data exchange between computers.

The Provider uses the cookies to collect information regarding the Users’ information use habits, in order to improve the Portal’s usability.

The User has the ability, by configuring their browser, to block the cookie. The User acknowledges that by blocking cookies, some features will not work properly.

(5) Social media extensions (Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in)

Social media extensions (Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in) are disabled by default. The user can opt to enable these by clicking the appropriate button. By enabling the extensions, the User connects to the social media site, and accepts that their data will be sent to Facebook/Twitter/Linked-in.

If the User is signed in to Facebook/Twitter/Linked-in, it is possible that they might pair the Users’ social media and Portal account.

By clicking the appropriate button, the User can choose to directly transfer data to social media and store it there. The purpose of this data collection is described in the terms and conditions of Facebook/Twitter/Linked-in found in the Data Protection Declaration of these social media sites.

(6) To use the collected data for any other purpose other than those described above, the Provider must first describe the new purpose, and get consent from the User. This data cannot be linked with the Users’ identification data, and cannot be given out to a third party without the Users’ consent.

(7) In order to access data on the Portal’s visitor numbers and other web analytics, the Provider uses Google Analytics software. The data collected by this software is processed by Google Inc. Google Inc.’s privacy policy can be found at http://www.google.com/intl/hu ALL/privacypolicy.html. The user acknowledges that by using the Portal, they consent to Google processing their data.

(8) The Provider ensures that the User can, at any time, find out what their data is being used for, regardless of the type of data, even if the data cannot be directly linked to the User.

(9) Period of data handling
After registration (during which the User gives consent to collect their data), data will be kept and collected until the User changes or revokes their consent. After this period expires, the Provider must delete all data provided by the User.

(10) Data sharing:
The Provider cannot give out data to third parties.

(11) The IP addresses of computers visiting the Portal are logged, to record the Users’ visit. The Provider uses this data solely for the purpose of statistical analysis (for example, gauging the number of people using a certain part of the website, and how much time they spend there). The Provider does not link the IP addresses to any other data, with which the User could be identified. The data is solely for analytical purposes.

(12) The User has the option at all times during and after the use of the service to prohibit the Provider from collecting data.

(13) The User can, at any time ask for information regarding the use of their own data. They can also ask to rectify the data, or – except in the case of data collected by necessity of legislation – to delete the data.
By request of the User, the Provider will inform the user in writing (within 30 days) about the collected the data and also the data handled by any data processors employed by the Provider. Information is also provided on the purpose, legal basis and period of the data collection, the data processor’s name and address, all activities related to the handling of the data and also about with whom the data was shared, and why it was shared with them.

This process is free, if the User has not requested information before in the same year. In any other case, the Provider will ask for reimbursement, with the condition that in case of illegal data usage, or in case of rectification, the User will get refunded.

(14) The Provider, in order to check the legality of data sharing, and in order to notify the User keeps a log of shared data. This log contains the date, legal basis and recipient, the type of data, and any other data required by data sharing legislation.

(15) The User can object to the collection of personal data, if:

  • a, The handling (sharing) of personal data is only necessary for the legal validation of the data handler or data receiver, except if the handling was ordered by law.
  • b, The use or sharing of personal data is directly shared for purposes of direct marketing, surveying public opinion or scientific research.
  • c, The objection is permitted by law.

After receiving an objection, the data handler will immediately cease handling the data in question, and, in the shortest time possible (but no more than 15 days), must review the case, and inform the objecting User in writing of its result. If the objection is justified, the handler must cease any handling, sharing or collecting of data and must inform any recipients of the data about the objection, who must take the necessary steps in compliance with legislation.

If the User does not agree with the Provider’s decision or if the Provider does not provide a written case review in 15 days, the User can appeal to a court. The timeframe for an appeal is 30 days after the decision has been made, or 30 days after the decision’s deadline.

(16) In case of infringement, the User can seek legal remedy at:

a.) The Data Protection Commissioner (H-1051 Budapest, Nádor u. 22., Hungary),

b.) National Data Protection Authorities
Seat : 1125 Budapest, Szilagyi Erzsebet alley 22/c
Mailing address : 1530 Budapest, Pf. 5.
Phone number: 06-1-391-1400
Fax : 06-1-391-1410
E-mail address : ugyfelszolgalat@naih.hu

c.) The court closest to the User’s residency.

The court will handle the case out of turn. The Provider must prove the legality of the data handling, the data receiver must prove the legality of receiving the data.
If the court finds the case justified, the Provider must provide the written information, rectify, close or delete that data, destroy the decision made by automatic data processing, take into account the objecting User’s right to object, and give out the data specified in 21st paragraph of the Info law.

If the court rejects the data receiver’s request, the Provider must delete the User’s personal data within 3 days of the verdict.