IWEN has Launched its Happiness Lessons Program Website in English


IWEN (International Well-Being Education Network) Happiness Lessons Program has 60,000 student participants from Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine, Serbia and Croatia and the program has been running with a great success since 2014 in Hungarian language with more than 3,700 teachers and psychologists currently delivering and presenting Happiness Lessons.

The mission of the organisation is to teach future generations to develop the ability of happiness and to apply coping techniques to the challenges of everyday life. The core of its educational programme is providing personal development and teaching the skill of a positive outlook on life by introducing happiness-increasing strategies. The methods used in the programme are supported by strict empirical research and can be applied in several ways to the field of education.

The International Well-Being Education Network was founded in 2014 by The World is Better with You Foundation. Its aim is to increase the level of happiness in people and to support teachers, students, parents and communities by reforming education practices and making the world a happier place. Its programmes can be introduced and adapted to workplaces, institutions and can also be integrated into family life.

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