Achieve the IWEN Happy School Qualification!

Achieve the IWEN Happy School Qualification!

Teaching happiness is possible, owing to the results and findings of positive psychology, and can be introduced to all age groups at educational institutions.

It is essential, that classes, which work with positive education approaches, are held regularly and are sustainable over the long term – so that children can learn practical techniques for boosting positive emotions, build self-confidence and learn how to be an active listener. These activities and classes will be soon part of the culture of the school and the everyday life of teachers and children.

Therefore, we invite you to join our IWEN Happiness Lessons Program and apply for the Happy School Qualification! It is open for all educational institutions worldwide, who realises the need of teaching happiness. The mission of our organisation is to teach future generations to develop the ability of happiness and to apply coping techniques to the challenges of everyday life.

Deadline of the application is 30 December 2017 by e-mail to

The benefits of teaching and learning happiness is just endless. Let’s make the journey to happiness together with you!

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